Today’s episode of Naagin 6 begins with Pratha (Tejasswi Prakash) finally tying the knot with the Shesh Naag. However, she is quite unsure about this new marriage since she is constantly thinking about Rishabh (Simba Nagpal) whom she had earlier tied the knot. But Pratha’s painful tears sets fire around the mandap, which makes the Shesh Naag realise that she is still madly in love with Rishabh. The Shesh Naag finally releases Pratha from all bounds and vows to Lord Shiva that he will now live his life of a celibate and never marry anyone in life. Pratha couldn’t keep thanking the Shesh Naag for his kindness.

Here, Rishabh is all set to tie the knot with Rhea. Pratha arrives at the wedding venue and tells Rishabh’s mother that she couldn’t marry the Shesh Naag because she loves Rishabh. She leaves the wedding venue since she can’t see Rishabh getting married to another woman. She reaches Delhi bus stand and leaves to the place where Mehek suggests. As she sheds tears while travelling in the bus, a stranger sits right next to her and offers to help her. He identifies himself as a Farishta. He gives Pratha the book of future to understand his significance.

Farishta leaves and then meets the Shesh Naag, who is now trying to manipulate Pratha in her journey ahead, which will begin as soon as the 7th Asur will come into the picture. As Pratha reads on the book, she begins to think that Rishabh, the love of her life, is being attacked by the 7th Asur.

Pratha comes back to the wedding venue in order to be around Rishabh to save his life. She then finds out that Rishabh hasn’t married Rhea since he is also deeply in love with Pratha. Rishabh convinces his brother Ritesh to marry Rhea instead. Rhea too agrees to marry Ritesh because she now wants to move on life.

Rishabh and Pratha finally say sorry to each other and profess their love for each other. A whirlwind romance follows. Rishabh and Pratha look happy as they dance romantically together. Rishabh tries to kiss Pratha. She shies away. Rishabh grabs her arm and pulls her towards him. He runs his fingers through her hair and body. Pratha seems enchanted by his touch. Both get drenched into each other’s love. Suddenly, Rishabh gets hit by a dart and he falls on the ground. Pratha checks on Rishabh if he is alright.


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